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Basically, online casino rating are websites where people can gamble for real money or for free. It is not a very easy task to determine their quality and reliability by their exterior. When choosing a suitable online casino, you should not only focus on the popularity factor, because well-recognized does not mean the best.

Online casino rating

Sadly, there are plenty of websites with false ratings and a large amount of dishonest casinos. You may see different information about the same casino on different sites. In our top rating list we have collected the best online casinos using some objective criteria: personal experience, players’ reviews and information from respected websites and forums. In the Online casino rating we choose gambling platforms that meet the following conditions:



Online gambling is regulated by special companies.  Only a casino that has a sufficient technical and financial base to provide services at the proper level can get a license. By choosing unlicensed casinos, the player is not protected in any way. Such clubs do not guarantee stable payments, fairness or data protection. In the case of disputes you will not be protected at all. Any unlicensed online casino will not be able to get into the online casino rating.

Security and safety

All members of the list of the best online casinos now necessarily use SSL-encryption methods. This technology was brought into the online gambling from the banking industry and today has no analogues in terms of reliability and functionality.

Quality and usability of the website

Sure, clients have different design tastes, but a simple and straightforward website is an absolute necessity nowadays. There are plenty of examples when online casinos tried to experiment, and ended up losing clients because of the bad and uncomfortable navigation.

Support service

Highly qualified, competent and polite staff of players’ support — one of the most significant attribute of a top online casino. They are an important link between the client and the gambling club.

Withdrawals methods and speed

The speed of withdrawal, as well as the availability of the necessary deposit/withdrawal methods is a core feature that is critically important for many casino users. It is also very important that casino members  from any region can easily deposit and withdraw their winnings in a most convenient way. In online casinos from our rating clients can withdraw money to bank cards, electronic wallets, and work with all popular payment systems. The player can receive the payment within a couple of hours.

Speed of personal verification

The first payment of winnings is usually accompanied by the need to confirm the personal data specified during registration.  Online casinos, who care about their reputation, try to shorten this process as much as possible. The best online casinos can complete this process within a couple of hours.

Mobile version

The possibility to play from a mobile phone or a tablet is very important for most visitors. That is why each club in the list has a downloadable application or a specially adapted mobile version of the website.

Availability of demo mode

Demo mode is important for any good online casino. It is designed to allow the player to evaluate the casino in advance, without risking his money. You can play the demo mode even without registration. Although this mode does not involve any risks, it is also impossible to win real money during it. It is more suitable for evaluating both the casino itself and the principle of operation of specific slots. In the future you can at any time switch to the real money game.

Operating time

The unreliable internet casino would not be capable of staying on the market for long in a highly competitive environment and would instantly receive hundreds of negative reviews from its clients. So we can conclude that the longer an online casino has been in operation, the more stable and reliable it is.

Negative feedback and claims

If the online casino regularly receives complaints from their users about various problems, this only means that they have something to improve. So great ratings are inappropriate here, until the casino solves its problems.

Variety of games/suppliers

To be really popular, an online casino must be able to offer its clients a wide range of gambling activities. Moreover, it is not enough just to add a lot of slots — it is necessary to try to satisfy the gambling desires of as many clients as possible. It is very important for the clients to have an abundance of topics, graphic designs, story lines, and sound accompaniment.  The variety of games also matters. In addition to slots, top online casinos are offering roulette and other table games, live casinos with live dealers, lotteries and other gambling activities.

Also it is very important that the developers have a well-known brand name and have managed to prove themselves in this area. Needless to say, the software in trusted companies is strictly licensed.

Bonus policy

Online casinos’ bonuses should not end after the first deposit. Each client should be able to choose for himself whether to use bonuses or not. These can be no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, freespins, birthday gifts, loyalty program, and so on.

That is why when rating the institutions, we compare the amount of bonuses, their features and conditions. The wager or the amount of bets that the gambler must wager in order to get the right to withdraw funds becomes the most important factor. This way our rating includes only gambling establishments with a favorable and pleasant bonus policy!