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Bitcoin Casinos is the world’s first cryptocurrency that has a certain monetary boost, like the dollar or oil. It is a unique virtual currency which cannot be paid for in real life.

Bitcoin Casinos

Cryptocurrency can be exchanged in special exchanges or can be purchased online. Gamblers who are just exploring the world of cryptocurrency want to know what the pros of playing Bitcoin are. Let’s share some of the good benefits of cryptocurrency gaming:

  • transfers are performed instantly;
  • Bitcoin volatility — constant growth of the cryptocurrency;
  • no commission for depositing cryptocurrency;
  • no time limit on currency withdrawal;
  • Bitcoin casino provides complete anonymity to the player;
  • fast authorization with Bitcoin client.

To get a cryptocurrency wallet, all you need to do is install an application on your smartphone, or download a special program on your PC. Your unique e-wallet code will be generated, and you will be able to send and receive payments to it. Such money transactions will allow you not to spend any commissions for bank services, as well as to remain anonymous.

Cryptocurrency transactions are performed without banks or other intermediaries. Transfers of money from one account to another happen instantly. Gamblers can play crypto casinos for bitcoins with instant withdrawal and make deposits, which appear on the operator’s balance within minutes.

Bitcoin casinos are online platforms that allow people to gain crypto by gambling. They are the regular gambling services where bitcoin is the currency unit. For the rest — these are the usual online casinos that we all know very well. A large assortment of slot machines in BTC casinos amazes even professional gamblers. The most popular are table and card games, roulette and blackjack. When choosing a suitable slot machine you should be guided by the rate of return — the higher it is, the greater there is the probability of winning a lot.

How to choose a bitcoin casino?

How to choose the right Bitcoin casino with the biggest bonuses and promotions. Bitcoin gambling has quickly become a popular alternative to regular gambling sites. Consider in detail:


Promotions help you save a lot of money on the gamble. You should take this point into account, but with one condition: the promotion must be accompanied by reasonable wagering conditions. Only then this bonus will be really profitable for you.

Licensed software from popular providers

If well known developers have trusted a bitcoin casino and made an official agreement with it, it certainly adds points to the reliability of the platform. Developers with a good reputation never appear in dishonest bitcoin casinos.


You can count on all the conditions offered by the operator only if he has an official work license. Playing at a licensed crypto casino, the client avoids the risk of facing crooks. Such websites value their reputation and do not allow themselves to perform any unfair acts to the visitors.

Privacy and security

We would recommend only those websites that guarantee full protection of all personal information of the users up to the e-mail address. Payments with bitcoin, lightcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not require the user to provide and confirm personal information. No wallet and email addresses, phone numbers, or player’s full name are included in the transfer.

Qualified support service

In a good bitcoin crypto casino support staff works around the clock, without weekends and holidays. You can ask questions in real time and receive a comprehensive answer within seconds.

Fast payments

One of the main strengths of cryptocurrency is the high speed of transactions. If the casino website is too slow with payment processing, the player will not be able to appreciate the important advantage of bitcoin and other virtual currencies betting.


If a gambling facility performs poorly or, otherwise, compares favorably to its competitors, a lot of players will soon be aware of it. Any player can make an objective opinion about the website. Positive reviews, reputable partner companies — all this indicates that the site is in favor.

Advantages of crypto casinos

The top bitcoin crypto casinos usually offer their clients good privacy terms, fast payments and low commissions.  Cryptocurrency exchange rates are constantly changing and are vulnerable to dramatic swings. Any user has a chance to win a small amount in bitcoin, which the next day will increase several times.

Because of the rapid growth in the number of cryptocurrency casinos, the gambling  venues operate in a highly competitive environment. This motivates bitcoin casinos to attract clients with beneficial promotions and acceptable wagering conditions.

As you have understood, bitcoin crypto casinos are different from the usual online institutions by their instant cash transactions and, sometimes, more lucrative bonus offers. In addition, if you wish, you can remain completely anonymous.

How to start playing in bitcoin crypto casinos?

After choosing a suitable platform, the user can proceed to the gamble after performing the following actions:

  1. Go through the registration procedure according to the rules of a bitcoin casino.
  2. Go to the payment menu and select the cryptocurrency to make a deposit.
  3. Confirm the operation in the wallet.
  4. Wait for the deposit to be credited and then start betting.